Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mystery Woman! The Raven

I've previously spoken of Mystery Men!, the Sword and Wizardry inspired Superheroic RPG. Tonight, I share with you a character created using the system. An homage to Batman's Noir-Pulp feel, with no further ado I present... The Raven!  At the moment, she lacks a biography, feel free to add one in the comments, best bio becomes canonical!

Name: The Raven
Alias: Sara Crow
Class: Adventurer (Heroic)
Level: Five

HP: 40
DC: 17

STR    4  + 1
DEX    6  +1
CON    3
INT    6  +1
WIS    5  +1
CHA    6  +1


Bodysuit       (1,100XP)
Batons          (1,200XP): 1d20+5/1d20+2 [1d10+1 damage]
Goggles        (12,000XO): X-ray vision
Grenades(5)  (4,000XP): 1d20+5 ; 20' range. 1d4+4 levels of opponents to sleep for 1d6 rounds
Smoke Screen (1,500XP): Creates a cloud of smoke that fills a 30x30x30 space. People within the smoke cannot attack anyone further than five feet away. In addition people in the smoke receive a -4 penalty to hit people they can see.

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