Friday, July 27, 2012

Codex Fantastica: Mytwari

Home: The Mytwa Jungle


Tall, graceful beings, the Mytwari are green-skinned plantfolk whose faces grow into masklike  forms that the Mytwari take great delight in ornamenting with dyes in colorful patterns.

Deeply in tune with the living world around them, the Mytwari serve as children and caretakers of the Mytwa Jungle. There, amidst a dazzling bouquet of wild blossoms and dizzyingly tall trees, they spend their days tending to the needs of the jungle.

The Jungle, however, is not alone in its life, and on occasion a Mytwari journeys beyond the Mytwa Jungle, to see and learn more of the world around them. Often attracting the curiosity of the taciturn Sulk, a Mytwari's natural affinity for growing things, and for the magics of plants often help to pay their way on their journeys.

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