Thursday, June 27, 2013


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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Golden Sky Story: Ghost on The Lonely Mountain

So, health, funerals, and life in general pretty much blasted apart any posting schedule I tried to maintain. I did get some gaming in, though, and managed to run my first session of Golden Sky Stories!  But what is Golden Sky Stories? 

Briefly, it's a diceless RPG, one recently translated from the native Japanese by Ewen Cluney of Yaruki Zero and Starline Publishing. In Golden Sky Stories (GSS henceforth), players take the role of Henge, animals with the ability to shapeshift into human form.  Rather than run around ninja-shanking dragons and drop kicking peasants as your typical RPG fare would provide, however, GSS puts you to work making friends and solving problems in a sleepy Japanese town. It's a wonderful game, very heartwarming, and one I can see myself running for quite some time.  So, read on after the cut to find out what sort of story we told.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

In Review!: Cartooner!

An Italian RPG that was recently translated into English,  Cartooner aims to capture the wacky antics of beloved animations from the Loony-Tunes and Merry Melodies era.Does it hold to its goal? Let's find out after the jump!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Dram of Sunlight

The Dram of Sunlight is inspired by a bizarre old cartoon (see below), a bit of sunshine for your day.

This crystalline bottle is roughly the length and thickness of a human's pinky. Corked with gold, the bottle contains a golden liquid that emits an amount of light equivalent to a strong torch. Distilled by a diminutive race of fey for use in a war against their twisted cousins, Liquid Sunlight serves a multitude of uses for larger folk. In addition to its luminous properties, Liquid Sunlight repels vampires, as does the sun itself. Further, when mixed with pure water, Liquid Sunlight can nullify any poison, magical or otherwise.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Prentice's Gear: The Jezail

Well, with Oklahoma being slammed by storms, I've been without power and thus unable to post. So to make up for it, here's an item from an old D20 campaign that I ran and am currently in the process of converting to Blueholme Prentice Rules.


The most curious sight I ever did see in the sands were the Jezail. All iron and wood and tall as I, the Sher'tar warwenches sling'em over their shoulder proud as any footman with his pike. Wish I knew what black magic drove the blasted things, for they'll speed a slingstone farther than any bow, and just as deadly as a proper arrow. Marine report, dated  the Year of the Winter Empress 1203 AA

Long, rifle-like weapons, the Jezail is the creation of the Nomadic elves of the Endless Sands. ten strings (50 inches) or longer, the Jezail is as much as work of art as it is a weapon. Decorated by their respective owners, a Jezail is as distinctive as a fingerprint. Using the volatile fruit of the slinger cactus, the Jezail harnesses the potent gasses contained within the fruit to propel their ammunition great distances.Wielded only by the warrior maidens of the Sheratar tribes, the Jezail's impressive range makes it ideal for ambushing unwelcome parties, and more than one of the Empress' marine caravans has been laid waste with nary a sign of their attackers.

Jezail  150G 
Short: 1-90
Med   91-180
Long  181-270

Due to its size, the Jezail cannot be used in cramped quarters. On an attack roll of 1, the Jezail misfires, requiring the ruined mess of the Cactus fruit to be removed and the barrel cleaned before further use.The Jezzail takes two combat rounds to reload.