Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dreamblade Boogie: Lady of the Manor

Courtesy of Ridureyu1
Before the coming of Nightmare, Lady Cassandra Dreweul kept a wicked house. Aspiring to luxury, the Lady Dreweul poisoned her husband when she was the tender age of 15. Keeping the man in a stroke-like stupor, Dreweul used his wealth to feed her more sinister tastes. Sadistic orgies and drugged debauchery were the order of the day,  feeding the nightmarish beast that lurked behind the pretty face.

With the coming of Nightmare, truth was given form, now, amidst an ever-shifting nightmare playground in the ruins of her once-fine manor, the monster that was Cassandra Dreweul tries to lure unwary interlopers to their demise. From the front, Dreweul appears as a flesh-toned spectre. In truth, this is merely a facade for the real Cassandra, a bulbous, fleshy beast that feeds on pain and torment. The Lady of the Manor prefers deception and poison to outright conflict, but if pressed, the beast will slam into its prey, attempting to secure a grip with its large, crushing fangs.

((expect a couple of these to pop up each week as I work on fleshing out Nightmare.))

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

In Review! SWAT Planet Felicia!

Part of the BRONEPEKHOTA line from Technolog (so I assume), these 54mm figures bear a striking resemblance to gun nuns from a certain excessively popular war game.  Like most figures from Technolog, the SWAT Planet Felicia figures can be used as stand alone collectibles, or as components in a game. I rather like that.  So, what's in the box?  Read on to find out!