Monday, April 15, 2013

In Review! SWAT Planet Felicia!

Part of the BRONEPEKHOTA line from Technolog (so I assume), these 54mm figures bear a striking resemblance to gun nuns from a certain excessively popular war game.  Like most figures from Technolog, the SWAT Planet Felicia figures can be used as stand alone collectibles, or as components in a game. I rather like that.  So, what's in the box?  Read on to find out!

Speaking of the box, this one is packed with goodies, and feels quite a bit sturdier than the container my Fantasy Battles Skeletons arrived in.  As seen below, the front of the box shows the six figures, the terrain, and one of the included cannons.  That's right, that terrain is included.

 The back of the box is more of the same. I really wish I could read Russian. One thing I like is that easy to understand icons are used.  The cannon has a rotating gear, which tells me "This does things!"  The "No drippy bottle" on the terrain indicates no need for glue (yay!), and of course, the various art supplies "Some art required".

Inside the box are several goodies, topmost the figures themselves.  When I lifted the sprue of figurines, one fell off. Mmm.... quality.

 The lady of the hour.  The plastic feels... a bit cheap, comparable to your average army man. I wouldn't really use these for toys, but for game pieces they'll be okay as long as you don't throw them. Or let the cat have a go.

 Dice!  Cheap Dice! I haven't felt a set like these since I messed with the ones that came in a basic set of D&D. I'm gonna ink the D20 though, see how it rolls. Those red things are missiles for the cannons, and a pair of springs are included

The walls.  I think I'll leave these their base color, maybe do some silver highlights and a bit of weathering. Those little X bits are the clips that hold the walls together. No glue required, but I think I'll be using a bit, anyway.

 Not one, but TWO cannons.  Truly we shall wage war in the Emperor's  toybox's name.

Not listed:  cards and what look like rules for the game. Also, a painting guide for the Not-Imperial Guard. I can't read Russian, so no clue if the game's actually fun, but the little cannons are part of the rules, so... Anyone want to try and translate?

Truth told, I like these more than the skeletons. More goodies in the box, a better box overall. Going to prime and paint a few come Wednesday, I think.

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