Saturday, February 21, 2015

Song of Swords: The Blade of Peace

A princeling went to war one day, beautiful and bold in his armor of gold. To prove himself he went, to claim the lands of his father's foes and weave his name into the tapestries of history. Beyond the borders of his father's lands he rode, and beyond the knowledge of kith and kin went the princeling.

Time passed, and to the forge of Kailel, chiefest smiths, came a maiden slight and fair. "Oh smith!" she cried, casting at his feet a purse of gold. "Grant to me a boon, that which will fetch my brother home."

"The price is too great." Kailel  thrust out his hand, denying the girl her boon. "Away, your brother is lost."

"Oh smith!" she cried again, casting at his feet the circlet of her rank. "No price too great. Grant to me that which will fetch my brother home."

"The price is too great." Once again, Kailel thrust out his hand. "Away with you."

"Oh smith!" she cried, taking from her belt a little knife, "No price too great!" Her braid she cut, and cast at Kailel's feet, "For love of my brother, I will go. Grant to me that which will fetch him home again."

With heavy heart, Kailel turned himself away, "I will grant what you ask."

A princess  went to quest one day, in a gown of gray and green. For the love of family she went, and in her hand a bright blade gleamed. Beyond the borders of her father's land she rode, and none marked her passing.

A sabre light and razor sharp, the Blade of Peace bears simple adornments, a series of lodestone teardrops pointing towards the eight winds rest in the flat of its blade near the simple handguard.

Despite its lethal edge, the Blade of Peace is useless as a weapon. Instead, the songs woven into the steel from which it was forged turn aside all but the most cunning of attacks. When wielded, the Blade of Peace grants a +3 bonus to the wielder's Armor Class.

Additionally, when pursuing the heart's desire the Blade of Peace acts as a compass of sorts. It will always point the truest path, though not necessarily the safest.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Sword of Truth

Inspired by a friend's comment on IRC.  Not exactly the sort of weapon you take into a knife fight, but I'm mostly happy with it...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Playing with Javascript

Inspired by Paul Gorman over at Quickly, Quietly, Carefully, I've decided to tinker on some Javascript projects. The first draws back to my Oddly Alone post, and the random amorous ghost generator. Click the paragraph below to generate a new ghostly paramour!

Click here for ghost.

Monday, February 9, 2015