Friday, February 20, 2015

The Sword of Truth

Inspired by a friend's comment on IRC.  Not exactly the sort of weapon you take into a knife fight, but I'm mostly happy with it...

None was fiercer than Ashae, a warrior bearing a blade as black as night. No other man had slain the thousand headed dragon of the west, or tamed the north winds. None was as great a legend in their own mind.  Ashae's blade has never known the taste of battle, so fierce is his reputation. And all the better for it, for there is no greater liar than Ashae. 

The Sword of Truth's name is paradoxical at best. Crafted from brittle sand as black as ink, the fearsome broadsword's jagged edges gleam dully in the light. Far too weak to serve as a proper weapon, the blade absorbed some measure of the magic from that miscast spell which scorched the earth itself and formed the slab which crafty Ashae chipped into shape.  Enough magic was absorbed that the blade took on aspects of Ashae's ego, becoming in its own way an intelligent sword.

This jagged black Zweihander exudes an aura of terror. Anyone viewing the blade must save vs magic or be turned, fleeing from what appears to be an indomitable foe.

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