Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Odd Item

So, I love Into the Odd, as I've mentioned before.  I also love Fred Saberhagen's Sci-Fantasy Book of Swords. The Twelve Swords of Power have always been the stick by which I measure my own magical items.

Below I present one of the Twelve Swords, if folks like it (all four of you who read this silly blog), I'll port the others over.

Mindsword (Legendary Arcana)
The Sword of Glory, Skulltwister,
The Mindsword spun in the dawn's gray light
And men and demons knelt down before.
The Mindsword flashed in the midday bright
Gods joined the dance, and the march to war.
It spun in the twilight dim as well
And gods and men marched off to hell.

A legendary Arcanum once used as part of a Game of Power, The Mindsword resembles a functional weapon of war. Its black grip embossed with a white banner, the meter long blade flashes as if catching bright sunlight, and when drawn, roars faintly with the roar of a cheering mob.

When drawn, all within visual range of the Skulltwister take 1D4 WIL damage and must make a WIL save or fall under the sway of Mindsword's owner. This devotion is fanatical to the extreme, causing the brainwashed to throw their life into any cause the wielder specifies.

Legends speak of other swords, similar pawns in the Game of Power. Some, it is said, are able to counteract the Mindsword's sway. As of this time, the locations of any of the blades is pure conjecture, though some scholars mutter about the table of Rand-om-Lut, the mad god.