Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hacking Barebones Fantasy

Recently, I purchased Barebones Fantasy (hereafter BBF). A lightweight system that's deserving of a review. But a review will have to wait until Finals are done and gone. But in brief: I enjoy the game, it's a lightweight system that's easy to modify, it's complete in one slim book, and it steps away from D&D sensibilities in most areas. I love my retroclones, but familiarity is starting to breed contempt.

One thing that BBF DOES provide, however, is something I'm not really a fan of these days. The Tolkien Quartet. By design, the authors chose to make those staples of modern fantasy (The Elf, the Dwarf, the Halfling and the Human) the available player races.

While I respect that, and understand it's an easy, familiar concept for even non-gamers to get into (Thanks Jackson!), I'm wanting something a bit different. Being a big boy with big boy sensibilities, I got out my glue stick, crayons, and construction paper before getting to work.  Click through the jump to see what I've done to make Barebones Fantasy mine.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Fool and his Gold

 So, I took part in Card Kingdom's (not an affiliate, by the way, I just like the shop.) Fool's Gold special. Not knowing what to expect, I was eagerly awaiting my envelope. And then today...

What wonders await?!

Awwwe yiss. Let's crack this bad boy open!

Great googily moogily!

 Well played, Card Kingdom, well played. I look forward to next year's special!