Saturday, October 25, 2014

Setting Zero

I've taken to playing a bit of a mini-game with myself lately, using Tangent Zero's "Zero Dice" to inspire ideas. Much like Rory's Story Cubes, but geared more towards fantasy/sci-fi elements, the Zero Dice have been great.  That said, I decided to create a basic framework of a campaign, using its history to inform me of things like player races, potential plothooks, etc.  So here's that history, along with links to the dice sets so you can see the images I interpreted.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Smashbuckler

For Bethmonster, wherever her whimsy takes her.

The Smashbuckler
A Fighter Subclass for Swords and Wizardry, Blueholme, OSRIC and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Among the surface-dwelling "Thunder Fist" Dwarves, there are armored warriors... And there are smashbucklers. Refusing the heavy chain and plate armor of their brothers, the Smashbucklers instead take up twin shields. Clad in night-shirts  and bucklers, they stomp about the battlefield, raining doom upon their foes.

Weapon Restrictions: Shields Only.
Armor Restrictions: Shields Only
Class Abilities:

The Mountain Does Not Fall - Masters of the shield, Smashbucklers have trained themselves to dig in and weather any blow.  Smashbucklers therefore start at base armor class 7, stacking any armor class bonuses from shields. More stubborn than other dwarves, they must prepare themselves for combat and so suffer a -2 penalty to initiative.

Smashbuckler... SMASH! - With their weapons of choice, Smashbucklers may make a strength check (Roll under Strength stat on 3d6) after a succesful attack roll from their sturdy shields. Success stuns their target, causing them to lose all actions for a number of rounds equal to the Smashbuckler's strength modifier.

School of Hard Knocks - At Name level, Smashbucklers may start a school, drawing in the bold (some say mad) to learn their mighty ways. Treat this as a Fighter's Castle.