Saturday, October 25, 2014

Setting Zero

I've taken to playing a bit of a mini-game with myself lately, using Tangent Zero's "Zero Dice" to inspire ideas. Much like Rory's Story Cubes, but geared more towards fantasy/sci-fi elements, the Zero Dice have been great.  That said, I decided to create a basic framework of a campaign, using its history to inform me of things like player races, potential plothooks, etc.  So here's that history, along with links to the dice sets so you can see the images I interpreted.


  1. The Nightlands came to be guarded by a race of bestial warriors.
  2. Journeyers arrived from the heavens in a rain of fire, they railed against the cities of men.
  3. The Unliving Army of He Who Watches cleft the free peoples in twain, scattering thenations to the wind.
Far Past

  1. Thearcane words were learned to animate the False Folk, who gathered the gems thatformed the Reforged Nations’ Wealth 
  2. The greatest ruler of the Reforged Nations fell to an assassin's snare at a great feast.
  3. The Lord of All Waters gambled away the Ocean's Heart, source of the oceans.
Recent Past
  1. An Army of Abominations is rallied by the Dark Knight, a minion of He Who Watches
  2. A War between Abominations and the Reforged Nations waged for generations.
  3. Once again the Reforged Nations are scattered, a rent in the world formed, draining away magic. The False Men fell inanimate.
Modern Times
  1. The Cult-Army of the Serpent appears through the rent, order is restored under the Serpent's inhuman reign.
  2. Within he Nightlands, the Worm Eternal awakes from its slumber. The Barriers warded b the Bestial Folk begin to fray.
  3. The Worm Eternal's influence corrupts the Bestial Folk, they turn hard hearted  and warlike under perverse words as sweet as honey.

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