Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Review: Neoclassical Geek Revival

Neoclassical Geek Revival (NGR). Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's a plug-and-play RPG! What does plug and play mean, exactly?  It means, gentle reader, that the game can be run as-is (Though, as it's created in the vein of an RPG of yesteryear there's a good bit of rulings in place of rules references), or as a series of house rules to lift and socket into your existing RPG of choice. Does NGR achieve its goal? Read on to find out!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreams of Talislanta: 1-1 An Ill Wind and Strange Shores

So, last night was the first session of my fledgling Talislanta 4th edition campaign. The group had fun, though we didn't progress quite as far as I'd hoped. Still, things went well, and the group digs the system.  

LiBinyon, a Cymrillian Swordsmage had in a drunken haze had acquired a passenger, a gypsy woman who answered to the name Cypreana, and cargo in the form of a Saurian Gladiator that went by the name Ophidon.

As LiBinyon set sail out of Cymril, his vessel was attacked by a buccaneer airship thinking to lighten his load and make off with what precious cargo they could. Lacking in a dedicated crew, LiBinyon chose to flee combat, taking refuge in a building maelstrom. A few successful piloting checks, and LiBinyon rode the storm like an old hand.

Unfortunately, an errant cannon shot damaged the Highstepper III's levitational, leaving LiBinyon and associates slowly but surely floundering as they left the storm's clutches. Spying an ancient landing platform on what appeared to be a mist-choked mountain, the party moored, and LiBinyon attempted to repair the Levitational.  Securing it well enough to keep the ship from scuttling itself, the party abandoned ship. (It should be noted that Ophidon, a hulking brute with a Dinosaurian visage, had the worst luck in disembarking, and ended up tumbling to the landing platform in a heap of claws, tail, and cranky lizard.)

Trusting to fate and Cypreana's coin toss, the party ascended an odd stair, one that glowed, lights rippling beneath its smooth surface with each step they took.

The game was paused there, to be resumed next week. All in all a good amount of play for an hour and forty-five minutes, no?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pathfinder Homebrew: Miirikae

While my tastes are firmly rooted in the more flexible, enjoyable editions of Dungeons and Dragons that hark back to yesteryear, I do on occasion dip my toe into newer fare. Generally, this is only for offerings of Eberron, but recently, Paizo released the Advanced Race Creation Guide for Pathfinder. Since it hit the SRD, I thought I'd give it a swing. Below is a race I've used elsewhere, one that's based off of the Song Dragons of Faerun, and one that actually appeared before the adventure of Dragonborn (go figure!)


Created in ages past by the Magekings to serve as soldiers, assistants, and paramours, the Wyrmforged appear as anthropomorphic dragons. Slender and graceful, they stand some six to seven feet tall,  their scales a silver-blue color that shines like a well polished blade.

Racial Attributes:
Type: Monstrous Humanoid 3 RP
Size: Medium 0 RP
Speed: 30' (50' Average flight) 8 RP
Ability Modifiers: +2 Con +2 Wis -2 Cha 0 RP
Languages: Common Bonus:Draconic 0 RP
Racial Traits: Bite 1 RP
Breath Weapon 2 RP
(15' Cone:Fire 2d6)
Claws 2 RP
Darkvision 60' 0 RP
Total Points

Codex Fantastica: Mytwari

Home: The Mytwa Jungle


Tall, graceful beings, the Mytwari are green-skinned plantfolk whose faces grow into masklike  forms that the Mytwari take great delight in ornamenting with dyes in colorful patterns.

Deeply in tune with the living world around them, the Mytwari serve as children and caretakers of the Mytwa Jungle. There, amidst a dazzling bouquet of wild blossoms and dizzyingly tall trees, they spend their days tending to the needs of the jungle.

The Jungle, however, is not alone in its life, and on occasion a Mytwari journeys beyond the Mytwa Jungle, to see and learn more of the world around them. Often attracting the curiosity of the taciturn Sulk, a Mytwari's natural affinity for growing things, and for the magics of plants often help to pay their way on their journeys.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

In Review: Printme1 and Talislanta!

Readers of my blog may have noticed entries for an RPG titled Talislanta. Entries containing odd little spells about an odd little student of the arts arcane. While a few of my readers (if my blog's traffic meter is to be trusted) know what Talislanta is, some of you might be going, "Right, Daniel, what's the deal?!"

Well, I thought I'd answer!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elahn's Tears

Busy week! Life and church have kept me away from the internet, so in apologies, have a magic item for your preferred retroclone.

Through the dusk shadowed wood the youth staggered, trembling fingers clutching at his stomach. As he stumbled on, ink-dark blood spattered the trail, one that lead back to a ruined village, ravaged by the Forgehounds of Khor. Barely more than a boy, he had stood with the men of his village, and now, the poisoned shards of a Warsmith's dagger burning in his gut, he would die.

Against a sturdy oak he sank, breath ragged, brow beaded with fevered sweat. Just a child, a simple boy with dreams of his own good earth to tend, he had not dreamed of war, and yet, when war came he fought as courageously as any knight. Just a child, and already his life ended.

"Mama." A sole word, a plea to one who had soothed his fears and mended each wound. It came unbidden, the farmboy's arms curling around his stomach. Head bowed, he closed his eyes, a spasm of pain ripping a cry from his throat. The world dimmed, and he knew no more.

When awareness returned to the boy, it came as a sense of comfort,  its form a simple wooden cup pressed to his lips.

He drank, the cool liquid suffusing him with a sense of calm, the burning talons of poison loosening their hold on his body.  He drank, and as unconsciousness overtook him once more, a gentle hand stroked his hair, a soft, earthy voice humming a lullaby once had calmed him when storms raged about his home. At peace, he slept,  the chalice clutched between his hands...

Elahn's Tears

A plain chalice of wood, unadorned by mark or script to signify its true purpose. A gift of Elahn the Allmother, the chalice now passes from owner to owner, bringing comfort when most needed.

Elahn's Tears' true purpose becomes manifest when its bearer is in dire need. Should a bearer of Elahn's tears be mortally wounded, the chalice fills with a sparkling liquid. This liquid restores 2d8 hit points, and neutralizes any poison or disease the bearer suffers from.

Once the chalice has been used, it vanishes from its bearer's possessions, reappearing elsewhere in the world to ward a new owner, for a mother's love is never bestowed solely upon one child alone.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gettin' Funky Now!

Browsing Spotify this morning, I came across this shocking gem (you'll need Spotify installed before clicking the link, Youtube version available here .). Modern Funk. Good Funk at that!

This got me to thinking, of all things, about Urban Fantasy set in the sixties/seventies.  Just something to ponder in your spare moments during the day. I know I will. Disco Elves. That is all.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Codex Fantastica: Uktulkli

Home: The Thousand Stars

Stocky, hexapedal amphibians with thick, fringed tails, Uktulkli stand four feet tall at the shoulder, and measure some twelve feet long from chest to tail.

A peaceful race, the Uktulkli are creatures of magic, born from deep wells that dot the ruins of the Thousand Stars, an island chain  in the midst of the Skymirror Sea. Slow and contemplative, the Uktulkli are considered lazy and dull witted by most races. Those with the patience to maintain a conversation with an Uktulkli, however, find a wise, nurturing individual. Born of water, Uktulkli spend most of their time in contact with the lifeblood of the world, basking in streams, or diving deep in the waters surrounding their homes.

When the notion takes them, the Uktulkli weave Star Pearls from the sacred waters of their Lifewells. These fist-sized, translucent stones glow with a bluish light, gently illuminating a space ten feet in diameter. Whatever other properties these strange artifacts possess is unknown, and when pressed, the Uktulkli respond with a sleepy smile.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My brain, she dinnae sit still.

Being as addled as I am, I jump from project to project with frustrating irregularity. On occasion, an entirely new idea springs up, demanding attention with enough force that I can't get it out of my head until I do something with it. So I present the basic framework for a Role Playing Game inspired by the works of Jim Henson.

The following content is protected by the Creative Commons 3.0 NC-BY-ND license.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dreamblade Boogie: Temple Lion

What's this? Dreamblade Boogie on schedule?! Pretty much!

Temple Lion
Armor Class: 3 [16]
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: Bite
Special:  Unform Nightmare
Move: 12
HDE/XP: 4/240

"Temple Lions, sometimes known as Shishas, have protected Dreamers for thousands of years..."

Not all that treads Nightmare is evil. Beloved servants of the spider goddess Namerasae, the Temple Lions patrol the borders of Nightmare, cutting back the ever-spreading threat. Further blessed by Namerasae, the Temple Lion can focus its attention on any one creature of Nightmare. That creature must pass a saving throw -2, or be Unformed, destroyed instantly. Because of this,  Temple Lion pelts draw a king's ransom from the Lichking of Nightmare.

The Illuminated Nymph

A rumpled piece of parchment scuds along, pushed by the wind.
Closer examination reveals it to be a graded assignment.

Theoretical Enchanting

The Illuminated Nymph
Rhialto The Resplendent
(First Year students do not take on sobriquets, Rhialto. 
 Speak with me at the end of the lecture)

For the edufication and illumination of the artisan, The Illuminated Nymph conjures an ideal example of the female body, which may be studied in great detail. (Edufication is not a word.See comment at the end of the assignment sheet.)

Mode: Illusion
Enchantment Type: Limited, Triggered
Enchantment Check: -55
Enchantment Time:  Three Weeks
Effect: When activated, the amulet projects a nude female. The amulet functions Thrice daily, and projects the image for a grand total of five minutes.

(Rhialto, while your  enthusiasm for Enchanting is to be commended, there are several flaws in this design. First, a classmate's permission must be obtained before working their visage into any spell effect. Additionally, the materials and training to create such an artifact are well beyond the first year student. In light of this, as well as grammatical errors and flaunting this prestigious academy's rules regarding rank and title, I give this assignment failing marks. We shall attempt this course again... Next year.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The "Illustrius Grimoire"

Something for Talislanta 4th Edition, enjoy!

A slim ledger, the type commonly used by students learning the arcane arts, lies on the street. 

Waterlogged, the cover sports the title 'The Illustrius Grimoire of Rh**l*o t** Re*p**nd***' . The thoroughly soaked interior sports only a handful of salvageable pages, sporting the spells below.

A Charm for the Benefication and Beautiment of the Caster
This will get Kylestae to attend the Festival of Lights with me!

This charm's purpose is to improve, for a short time, improve the handsomisity and general pleasantry of self of the caster.
Mode: Alter
Casting Check: -11
Duration: 5 minutes
Effect: +2  CHA

Ziggula's Dancing Misfortune
Named in honor of Ziggula the Corpulent, gourmand of the Academy's kitchens, this simple charms summons several hornets, in commemoration of the day that Ziggula brought such a nest down upon his fat head.

Mode: Attack
Casting Check: -8
Range: 100' (For the caster's protection from flying flatware)
Damage: 3 points
Duration: Instant

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dreamblade Boogie Bonus: Book of Nothing

Courtesy of Ridurey1
In one of the lost cities cloaked in the dreamstuff of Nightmare, a dark tome nestles among more innocent grimoires. Within its pages, some say, the Book of Nothing holds the secret to banish Nightmare forever. At what cost, however, does the wisdom come?

When opened, the reader and 1d6-2 other individuals within 15' of the Book of Nothing must make a save -5. Success incurs 1d6+2 HP damage, and a permanent loss of 1 Constitution point.

Any who fail the save  have their soul trapped within the Book of Nothing. Their Wisdom and Intelligence scores drop to 3, and their eyes become shadowy orbs.  Destruction of the book is not enough to reclaim the victims' souls, only intervention from a higher power (either through direct intervention or a Crusader's Miracle) can restore those claimed by Nothing.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lazy Sunday

So, today boys and girls, you get to decide  tomorrow's post! Below are three miniatures from the Dreamblade line. Post your choice in the comments, and the winner will be this week's  Bonus Dreamblade Boogie entry! Hit the jump and make your voice heard!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mystery Woman! The Raven

I've previously spoken of Mystery Men!, the Sword and Wizardry inspired Superheroic RPG. Tonight, I share with you a character created using the system. An homage to Batman's Noir-Pulp feel, with no further ado I present... The Raven!  At the moment, she lacks a biography, feel free to add one in the comments, best bio becomes canonical!

What I'm doing

Bleh.  Assistant Teacher for Vacation Bible School,  heat exhaustion, and a summer cold have thrown this blog into disarray. And after I made such a nice promise to be more active, too.

Well, while the internet has been neglected, my GM Journal has not. I've got a few projects cooked up, working on them in between life and coughing fits. Hopefully you'll be hearing more about them in the coming days.

Swordsong Chronicles: A Sword and Wizardry Whitebox campaign, a sandbox based wholeheartedly on the idea of 'like it, lift it, refluff it, use it'.

Land of Nod: A supernatural RPG based loosely on the Nightbane franchise. Roll
                      and keep D6 system, Dreamers are trying to save Nod from 

The Unnamed RPG: A roll-under RPG that draws on mesoamerican, african,
                                 egyptian, middle eastern and hindi mythologies for its

In addition, I'm running a short Talislanta 4th Edition campaign in the coming months, play notes for that will be forthcoming.