Saturday, July 14, 2012

My brain, she dinnae sit still.

Being as addled as I am, I jump from project to project with frustrating irregularity. On occasion, an entirely new idea springs up, demanding attention with enough force that I can't get it out of my head until I do something with it. So I present the basic framework for a Role Playing Game inspired by the works of Jim Henson.

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Task Resolution: Roll Attribute rating + Skill rating + Skill Specialization in D6, keep a number of D6 equal to Attribute rating.  A roll of a 6 explodes. Reroll the dice, and combine all rolls of that dice. In addition, any two dice from the dice pool may be sacrificed before a roll is made to grant a non-explosive total of 6 to the rolled pool.

Character Creation

Attributes:  Rated 1-6. All attributes start at rating 1. 10 points to distribute across all six abilities. Only two of the six abilities may be rank 4 to start.

HP: Equal to body sphere times two.
Initiative: Equal to Agility plus Perception
Resistance: Equal to Wisdom plus Intelligence

Body:  Strength

Mind:  Intelligence

Soul:  Wisdom


Uktulkli - Hexapedal amphibions, marshdwellers, good
Laflari    - Blue skinned, white haired humans, good
???      - Diminutive, gangly humanoids with goat horns, good
???      - Four armed undead, neutral
Vrorgyr  - Slender constructs of gold and crsytal, evil
Lemena   - Crocutiods with long, prehensile tails, neutral
Goulghtor - Giants made of living stone
Mytwari  - Humanoid plants, masklike faces, neutral
Bhouun   - Stocky, reptillian humanoids with a broad, shelllike mushroom growing on their back

( XX points, split between skills and Knacks)

Combat: Archery
Social:  Charm

Knacks: Working
Flaws: Working

Magic System: Working

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