Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The "Illustrius Grimoire"

Something for Talislanta 4th Edition, enjoy!

A slim ledger, the type commonly used by students learning the arcane arts, lies on the street. 

Waterlogged, the cover sports the title 'The Illustrius Grimoire of Rh**l*o t** Re*p**nd***' . The thoroughly soaked interior sports only a handful of salvageable pages, sporting the spells below.

A Charm for the Benefication and Beautiment of the Caster
This will get Kylestae to attend the Festival of Lights with me!

This charm's purpose is to improve, for a short time, improve the handsomisity and general pleasantry of self of the caster.
Mode: Alter
Casting Check: -11
Duration: 5 minutes
Effect: +2  CHA

Ziggula's Dancing Misfortune
Named in honor of Ziggula the Corpulent, gourmand of the Academy's kitchens, this simple charms summons several hornets, in commemoration of the day that Ziggula brought such a nest down upon his fat head.

Mode: Attack
Casting Check: -8
Range: 100' (For the caster's protection from flying flatware)
Damage: 3 points
Duration: Instant

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