Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreams of Talislanta: 1-1 An Ill Wind and Strange Shores

So, last night was the first session of my fledgling Talislanta 4th edition campaign. The group had fun, though we didn't progress quite as far as I'd hoped. Still, things went well, and the group digs the system.  

LiBinyon, a Cymrillian Swordsmage had in a drunken haze had acquired a passenger, a gypsy woman who answered to the name Cypreana, and cargo in the form of a Saurian Gladiator that went by the name Ophidon.

As LiBinyon set sail out of Cymril, his vessel was attacked by a buccaneer airship thinking to lighten his load and make off with what precious cargo they could. Lacking in a dedicated crew, LiBinyon chose to flee combat, taking refuge in a building maelstrom. A few successful piloting checks, and LiBinyon rode the storm like an old hand.

Unfortunately, an errant cannon shot damaged the Highstepper III's levitational, leaving LiBinyon and associates slowly but surely floundering as they left the storm's clutches. Spying an ancient landing platform on what appeared to be a mist-choked mountain, the party moored, and LiBinyon attempted to repair the Levitational.  Securing it well enough to keep the ship from scuttling itself, the party abandoned ship. (It should be noted that Ophidon, a hulking brute with a Dinosaurian visage, had the worst luck in disembarking, and ended up tumbling to the landing platform in a heap of claws, tail, and cranky lizard.)

Trusting to fate and Cypreana's coin toss, the party ascended an odd stair, one that glowed, lights rippling beneath its smooth surface with each step they took.

The game was paused there, to be resumed next week. All in all a good amount of play for an hour and forty-five minutes, no?

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