Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Illuminated Nymph

A rumpled piece of parchment scuds along, pushed by the wind.
Closer examination reveals it to be a graded assignment.

Theoretical Enchanting

The Illuminated Nymph
Rhialto The Resplendent
(First Year students do not take on sobriquets, Rhialto. 
 Speak with me at the end of the lecture)

For the edufication and illumination of the artisan, The Illuminated Nymph conjures an ideal example of the female body, which may be studied in great detail. (Edufication is not a word.See comment at the end of the assignment sheet.)

Mode: Illusion
Enchantment Type: Limited, Triggered
Enchantment Check: -55
Enchantment Time:  Three Weeks
Effect: When activated, the amulet projects a nude female. The amulet functions Thrice daily, and projects the image for a grand total of five minutes.

(Rhialto, while your  enthusiasm for Enchanting is to be commended, there are several flaws in this design. First, a classmate's permission must be obtained before working their visage into any spell effect. Additionally, the materials and training to create such an artifact are well beyond the first year student. In light of this, as well as grammatical errors and flaunting this prestigious academy's rules regarding rank and title, I give this assignment failing marks. We shall attempt this course again... Next year.)

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