Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Prentice's Aspiration: Beorning

So, couldn't go see Desolation of Smaug due to "Dan is brokeitis". Instead, I've been rereading the book, and thought I'd take a stab at converting my favorite character into a class.


Tracing their lineage back to the northmen who crossed the great mountains, the Beorning are a warriors who have learned to skin-change, taking the form of great bears in battle. This Bearskin form is usable a number of times per day equal to twice the character's level, and lasts 3 turns (or until dispelled).  Due to their dual nature, Beorning are able to adopt the languages of animals, learning one dialect per creature type (Wolf, Dog, Horse, etc) per point of wisdom over 9.

At third level, a Beorning may attract special followers alongside to those commonly hired on. These followers are highly intelligent or magical animals, often understanding the language of men or elves.

While the majority of Beorning are human, dwarves will occasionally take on the training.  Elves consider the life of a bear beneath them, and halflings are far too concerned with tea and comfort to accept the trials and training required.

Bear Form
Attacks2 Claw + 1 Bite
*The PC's HP are replaced by the rolled value. Should the Bear form be reduced to 0 HP, the PC is returned to human form and suffers 1d6+1 damage.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Odd Encounter: Sellachocta

So, I recently discovered Into the Odd, a lightweight OD&D homage with a focus on quick entry into a Dark Sci-Fantasy setting. Absolutely love it, and thought I'd convert one of my favorite new bad monster movie monsters over.


Amphibious predators that have recently infested the sewers of Bastion.
Slithering behemoths, these 6 meter long abominations resemble a mottled
shark, its tail replaced by undulating tentacles that composed two-thirds
of the thing's bulk. Ambush predators, the Sellachocta often lunge from
their murky habitats to seize prey in their jaws (2d6 damage). In lieue
of this, the Sellachocta will use its tentacles to try and snare potential
prey (1d4 damage). On Critical Damage, the target is captured and crushed
by the Sellachocta's tentacles, inflicting 1d6 Strength damage until the
tentacle is severed (2 points of damage or more).

Rumors exist of a variant species of Sellachocta, one able to manipulate the
texture and color of its hide. No such specimens have yet been found in
the sewers of Bastion. But then, such abilities would make the beasts
nigh impossible to detect...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Prentice's Aspiration: The Humble Lords

Once brothers of the Compass League, the Humble Lords are merchants and members of Nobility that have forsworn the Compass League's avaricious ways for (in their eyes) a more worthwhile pursuit. Known by the living badges of pine and holly they wear on their breast, the Humble Lords have pledged to spread comfort and cheer; all the while working to undermine the Compass League's more sinister operations.Aside from their badge of office, the Humble Lords typically carry a sack laden with Merryhearth Logs, packets of food and medicinal herbs, and often small trinkets for children. Additionally, The Humble Lords often carry staffs and clubs of the strange wood Merryhearth logs are crafted from.

Entry into the brotherhood of the Humble Lords is open to all, though few have the dedication to pursue the path. Aspirants must first fall under the notice of an established Lord, often for some act of altruistic generosity or defense of the weak. The Aspirant is considered, approached, and offered an apprenticeship. The Humble Lord will then travel with his new ward, continuing to study the aspirant even as they are taught the most basic tenets of the Humble Lords.

Those few that pass muster are granted a sprig of their Patron Lord's badge, and welcomed as a Humble Lord, taught the locations of Merryhearth homes, safe havens for the Humble Lords and their allies.  From that point on, the new Lord is expected to give freely, both wealth and deed. Those with magical aptitude are further educated in the means of crafting the various baubles and trinkets that all Humble Lords carry.

Treasures of the Humble Lords

Merryhearth Logs: Grown by the first Humble Lord, Merryhearth wood is a creation of magical botany.  Slender and pale, clad in a rich dark bark, the Merryhearth wood produces a thin, pale smoke spiced with strange natural incenses.  Those who smell the incense are inspired to put aside grudge and blade, requiring them to Save vs Breath Weapon at a -2 penalty to initiate hostilities. This effect lasts until the Merryweather log burns out, typically an hour per log. Merryhearth Homes tend to be formed of the same wood, inspiring a sense of comfort and fellowship within its halls, though the penalty to attack is absent.

Pauper's Feast: A simple wooden bowl, covered with a red cloth.  The Pauper's Feast is a steaming wonder that pours out enough stew to fill the bellies of a dozen people, or to curb the worst pangs  of two dozen. The Pauper's Feast's only failing is in the magics used to craft it. The stew, magical in its nature, will only keep for a day, after which it becomes a spoiled mess unfit to eat.

Winterlight: Unassuming packets of folded paper sealed with a red wax. When cast into a fire, Winterlight packets explode into a harmless, dazzling sparkle of multicolored lights.