Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Review! Fantasy Battles Skeletons!

Ah, Russia.  A rich and cultured land. From it have come great things... and plastic miniatures in the 54mm scale!

Produced by Technolog, the Fantasy Battles series of figures appear to be both toy and game component. I say appear because I can't read Cyrillic. Still, 54mm is 54mm and for a humble price on ebay, I decided to try it.  So here I am, two weeks later with a registered parcel from the postman! What's inside? Read on after the break to find out!

First, the box. A compact affair, but it manages to hold everything. The corner of mine was smooshed in transit, but the contents are  okeydokey. As you can see from the image below, the front of the box has some nice art,  and displays the skeletons in all their painted glory. This will be useful, as I'll mention later on.

I can't read that starburst, but it sounds impressive!

 Back of the box shows the unpainted figures and a few game components. Why doesn't an American company pick up a license to distribute these?
Still can't read it, but at least they show you what you can do with them. Take note, ages 7+, and not for 0-3 years of age. Sorry, 4-6 year olds, this isn't for you.

The components! The miniatures, components of something you have to put together, a painting guide (in Russian), a game card with stats for the figures, and some sort of 'artifact' card.

The boneheads themselves. I really like these sculpts, though there are a few fiddly points, like swords being bent as they're molded to the hip to improve strength. I'm going to do a bit of snipping on one of the models, and give it a hot water bath to see if I can repose the knife.

Oh, by the way,  that thing you have to assemble?

Spring loaded, angle adjustable mortar!

So, final thoughts...  These aren't boutique miniatures. If you're wanting GW. Privateer Press, or Scibor levels of sculpts, move along. If, however, you'd like some affordable miniatures (around $2 each) to teach your kids to paint on, or for your fantasy RPG needs? Technolog's Skeletons are top notch.  Check Ebay to find some,  this seller in particular is one I'll be using again.

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