Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Prentice's Foe: The Constrictus

The Constrictus

 HD: 11d8
AC:  2
Dexterity: 7
Move: 40 (swim 120)
Attacks:  4 Bites  or 2 claws
Damage:  4d6 per bite 2d6 pet claw
Alignment: Neutral
Treasure: 1

No one is certain where this nightmarish creature hails from. Never encountered in the wild, rumors guess at fantastic origins, of corrupt Ecomantic experiments performed to combine multiple lifeforms into the perfect predator. At present, only one Constrictus is truly known to exist,  as the pet and punishment of the pirate lord Bloth.  Over 20 feet long, the Constrictus' tough,leathery hide is covered by armored plates.  Within its titanic maw, four pharyngal jaws rest on stalks that extend up to eight feet away. In combat, the Constrictus  will attempt to bite the victim, drawing their prey into their maw. A successful strength check is required to break the hold of any mouth that has successfully bitten its target.

Driven only by blind hunger, the Constrictus cares nothing for treasure. However, the waterways that riddle the Maelstrom are ripe with piles of the thing's excrement, containing bits of the wealth in its supper's possession at the time of consumption.


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