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A Prentice's Aspiration: The Witch

The Witch
Magic User Subclass

Requirements: Wis 13+
Restrictions: Cannot be lawful.

Charms:  At the cost of one of her spells cast per day, the Witch is capable of investing a spell into a trinket of some sort (A walnut shell, a knotted lock of hair, a forked twig, a clay tablet etc). This Charm may then be given to another. The Charm remains viable for a number of weeks equal to the Witch’s level, after which it becomes inert. Constructing a charm requires a special ritual performed in a place of power (a natural cauldron formed from a rotting stump that catches and holds the dew, a faerie circle, etc.).

Grimoire (Replaces Magic User spell list):

1st Level Spells:
  1.     Cure Light Wounds
  2.     Detect Magic
  3.     Faerie Fire
  4.     Light (R)
  5.     Locate
  6.     Predict Weather
  7.     Protection From Evil
  8.     Purify Food And Water
  9.      Remove Fear
  10.     Resist Cold

2nd Level Spells
  1.     Hold Person
  2.     Know Alignment
  3.     Obscure
  4.     Produce Fire
  5.     Resist Fire
  6.     Silence 15’ Radius
  7.     Snake Charm
  8.     Warp Wood or Metal

Curses: Potent spells used to humble and to punish, a witch’s curse is no small thing to trifle with. Unless otherwise noted, all Curses have a range of touch, and are permanent until dispelled. All victims are allowed a Save vs Spells to resist a curse, though only the strongest of will or purest of heart have true hope of succeeding. The invoking of a curse requires powerful, wild magic, magic that resists the call of mortals. Each time a curse is invoked, the Witch ages 1d10 years.

The Rose Tongue:
Bane of minstrels and tellers of tells, of those who hide the wicked thorns of intent behind flowery words.  The Rose Tongue curse lays a painful doom on the victim. A number of words equal to the Witch's level (either a short phrase or distinct restrictions) are specified. If spoken, the victim's tongue sprouts painful thorns, cutting their mouth and lips while inflicting 2 points of damage.

The Glutton’s Tomb:
Range: Special
To work this curse, the Witch must prepare some form of food, usually a treat or ripe fruit. Upon consumption, the victim must suffers a tremendous increase in girth, growing to some 400 pounds in weight.  Clothes rip, armor no longer fits, and the victim’s movement rate is halved. In combat, they attack as a 0 level character. Unless armor is custom fitted (an expensive process), the victim is treated as AC 10. Finally, a victim must consume double the normal amount of food for his race to remain healthy, and is unable to lose his excess weight until the curse is dispelled.

Ancestors’ Lament:
Under this bane, the dead look ill upon the victim.  Specters of parents, grandparents, or other lost loved ones haunt the victim’s every moment. Slights and insults both real and perceived are recalled and retold in a swirling cacophony. While under this curse, Magic Users must successfully save vs X to cast spells, while more martial adventurers suffer a -2 penalty to attacks.

Craftsman’s Sundering:
In vengeance’s heart, there is no room for beauty. In the hands of a man cursed by the Sundering, coins tarnish, swords rust, wood rots and stone cracks. Each time the cursed handles an item, they must save vs Spell at a -3 penalty.  If failed, the items they handle waste to uselessness. Even such simple things as food and clothing are not exempt.

The Endless Quest:
The Witch lays a task upon the victim when invoking this curse. Whenever the cursed strays from completing this task, they find the earth itself rebels against them.  Distances double when going against the quest, dungeons more labyrinthine.  The harder the victim strives to refuse the task at hand, the greater the distances become, the more befuddling the path.

The most well-known curse, though the rarest to see actual use. This potent curse transforms the victim into some small creature. Rat or bat or slimy toad. This change is in form only, for the victim retains all memory and modes of thought, in some cases (a roll of 1 on 1d6) the power of speech is maintained. Class abilities are lost, however, and the victim remains in her new form until the witch can be convinced to reverse it. Powerful miracles worked by a cleric are also known to undo the curse, and it is rumored that a kiss from an innocent also serves to undo the spell.

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