Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Prentice's Aspiration: The Jongleur

Hate Thieves, hate skill systems. But this seems to fit, so here it is.

Thief Subclass (Halfling, or Human)

The fool in motley, the bland-faced jester with a sharper tongue than any any might believe, the singer of songs and teller of tales, welcome everywhere for the amusement he brings, and often chased away for the irritations he causes.

Requirement: Charisma 12
Restrictions: Unarmored

Buffoonery (replaces find and remove trap): The Jongleur has turned the art of the pratfall, the slapstick and the pun into works of art, one that allows him to distract and befuddle his foes. Those encountering a jongleur engaging in his antics must save vs Spell or suffer a -2 penalty to attack for the next round.

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