Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Prentice's Aspiration: Demihuman class options

A pair of options for Demihumans in Blueholme, one for halflings, one for dwarfs.

Fighter Subclass (Halfling only)

Named for William Tallfellow, a halfling of extroadinary size, the Tallfellows are a band of woodsmen who police the forests, warding innocent travelers from the dark things that would hunt them. Rarely seen unless they wish to reveal themselves, the Tallfellows are bane to orc and bandit alike.

Requirement: Wisdom 12
Restrictions: Light armor only.

Fox's Cunning: A combination of clever gear and quick wit
gives the mysterious Rangers an advantage in engaging their foes.
When scouting in their favored terrain, Rangers surprise their
foes on a roll of 1-3 on a D6, rather than the traditional 1-2.

Cleric Subclass (Dwarf Only)

Wardens of honor, keepers of memory, the Stonefathers are dwarfs who have come into harmony with the earth itself, the first forge, she that birthed the first dwarfs. Paragons of dwarfish society, the Stonefathers shape the earth like soft clay, whether to return their kin to the forge of the earth, or to open the way into the heart of their foes' subterranean lairs.

Requirements: Charisma 12

Stonesong (Replaces Turn undead): By chanting the songs of the earthforge,
the Stonefathers may sunder or repair broken stonework. Small items such as
bowls, cups, pots and urns take six combat rounds to repair, while larger stonework
such as walls, doors, and statues may take several rounds.

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