Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Prentice's Aspiration: The Chroniclers of the Celestial Paths

Not much to see here. A special college for MAgic Users to petition, included are some sample spells, I'll be expanding these for use  in my campaign framework as time permits.

Born under auspicious stars, the Chroniclers of the Celestial Paths are a secretive cabal of magic users who plumb the night skies, charting the stars in their eternal cycles. By charting these courses and learning the shapes of the celestial host, the Chronicler gains access to ancient, strange magics. Any Magic User may petition for entry to the Chroniclers of the Celestial Paths, and should they succeed at charting their Name star, will be accepted into the fold as an acolyte Chronicler. True masters of the order are marked by the star that glitters on their brow, their very Name star, plucked from the heavens through ancient and arcane rite.

The Hunter
Level: 1     Range: Caster     Duration:  8 turns

Lord of the hunter and the hunted, the Hunter chases the Green Lady ever across the heavens. When called upon, he opens to the caster the language of beasts.

Upon casting The Hunter, the caster's canines sharpen and extend, while ghostly antlers tipped with stars sprout from her brow. For the duration of the spell, the caster is able to understand and communicate with all manner of beasts, predator and prey alike.

The Hydra
Level:  1     Range: 100     Duration: Permanent

The Hydra resides far to the south, looming over endless plains of ice and snow. When invoked, the Hydra turns two of its many heads to the caster’s will.

When cast, a pair of spectral, serpentine heads appear over the caster’s shoulder, lashing out on long, twining necks to sink their fangs into the designated foes. Their bite delivers the chilling touch of winter, each inflicting 1d4 points of damage.

The Lesser Host
Level: 2    Range: Caster      Duration: Special

Cycling across the dome of the heavens, the Lesser Host is the name given to a collection of lesser constellations, those that serve the greater members of the Celestial Host.

When cast, the magic user calls down a member of the Lesser Host. Appearing as a ghostly version of small mundane creatures such as foxes, bats, owls, etc., the Lesser Hostbinds itself to its summoner, performing simple tasks and acting as guardian against the myriad threats that an adventuring mage faces. In addition, the Lesser Host's star-tipped fangs and talons count as magical weapons.

Once summoned, the Lesser Host remains bound to its summoner for an indefinite period of time, or until summoner or host is slain. Should the Lesser Host perish, a burst of celestial fire radiates out in a ten foot radius, inflicting 1d6 points of damage on everyone caught within the flare.

The Traitor
Level: 2     Range: Caster     Duration: 6 turns

The Traitor looms ever on the horizon, comforting in its presence, mysterious in its elusiveness.  The Traitor constantly shifts in the night sky, always at the periphery, leading the unwary who chart their paths by the stars astray.

When invoked, the caster’s appearance alters to any individual the caster has previously encountered. Height, weight, skin-tone and apparent age all change. Extra limbs, if necessary, are produced. However, none of the mimicked individuals memories or mannerisms are gained, forcing the Magic User to bluff their way through any situation involving those familiar with the target.

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