Monday, July 29, 2013

A Double Dose of Blueholme

Dilven's Dilemma's will return soon, classes have resumed here in Oklahoma, so gaming has taken a back seat.

The Compass League

A loose-knit guild of merchant princes, The Compass League has bastions in every city. Lords of trade and more illicit endeavors, the Compass League is mother to any with the resources to maintain their yearly dues.

Members of the League are known by the mark they carry, an eight spoked wheel in one of the four precious metals.

Membership into tuis elusive confederacy imparts training in the "League Tongue", a subtle language of finger twitches and discreet gestures. Further, members in good standing (maintaining a silver mark or higher) enjoy a discount at their guild-kin's place of business. Such things do not come cheap, however, for at any time the League might approach one of its member for a favor... And the Mother ward any who turn their back on the request.

The Fettered Word

Magic is a chaotic beast, it struggles at its tethers and ever seeks to slip the form that Magic Users strive to force upon it. So was the first Fettered Word created. A fortunate mishap in an attempted summoning ritual bound magic to the chaotic life force of the universe, creating a new being.  Formed of glowing energy in a roughly humanoid shape,The first Fettered Word stepped from the summoning circle, and it held many questions for this new world.

Hit Dice: Fettered Word roll 1d6 for HP
Class: Fettered Word may be any class except Magic User.
The Word Unfettered: As constructs of magic, the Fettered Word need not eat or sleep, and are immune to mundane disease and poison. To sustain themselves, the Unfettered Word must, once per month,consume a magical item, destroying the item and absorbing its magical energies. Should the Fettered Word die, it becomes "Unfettered", exploding in a burst of magical energy, damaging all within a ten foot radius for 1d6 points, plus one point per magic item consumed.

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