Thursday, August 8, 2013

Places of Cadoren: Ostlen

Continuing my series on a Blueholme Campaign Setting. No map just yet, I'm terrible at mapping cities.

Ostlen (01.04)

A bustling city some 20,000 strong, Ostlen serves as home to over two-thirds the population of Cadoran. Nestled on a hilly island in the northwestern waters surrounding Cadoren, Ostlen remains the gateway to the young empire.

Officially, Ostlen is divided into four distinct districts. The Keep, Ostlen Proper, South Ostlen, and the Warehouse District.

The Keep: Situated on a rocky, promontory, The Keep district is the oldest portion of Ostlen, and from which the city takes its name. It was through the keep in past generations that those who would become the citizens of Ostlen were processed before being shipped to the mainland. Well patrolled and boasting few amenities, The Keep District is home to the barracks. One of the least expensive facilities in which to take lodging, the barracks offer rows of simple bunks. For a pittance, an individual may find lodging and a simple, but ample, meal. From the Keep District, visitors to Ostlen can clearly see Ironheim, the island prison that holds Ostlen's more dangerous criminals.

Ostlen Proper: Once farmland that supported Ostlen Keep,  Ostlen Proper is now home to the upper echelons of Ostlen society. Here, well-to-do merchants sell their wares in the shadow of the Council Hall, seat of Cadoren's government. Closer to the wall that surrounds Ostlen, however, conditions decline to what would be considered 'upper middle class' by modern standards.

South Ostlen: To the south of Ostlen Proper dwells the bulk of Ostlen's population. Here, like elsewhere in Ostlen, the guard are ever present, a reminder of Cadoren's violent past. several inns and quality merchants are to be found, and it is in South Ostlen's east wall that the Farmer's Gate resides, allowing the few outlying farms to ferry their goods to the Central Market which dominates the heart of South Ostlen.

Warehouse District: To the west of South Ostle, the Warehouse district broods under the watchful eye of the Keep. Bristling with docks, it is here that the bulk of Ostlen's goods are stored.

Shoretown: Though not recognized as an official district, Shoretown is a well known facet of Ostlen, a face that few wish to admit but none can deny. Huddling in the shadow of the wall to the south of the Warehouse District.  Shoretown is home to the desperate and the forsaken. A ramshackle affair of huts and driftwood homes,  Shoretown's streets are beaten earth, and the only lights to be seen at night are the jealously guarded stubs of candles that flicker through chinks in the walls. The guard do not patrol Shoretown,  leaving the denizens to make their own law. Those who are capable in Shoretown quickly escape, either through taking work at the Warehouses, or by joining the guard.  Those that remain have been known to turn to more sinister trades.

People of Interest

Ellen Foxhair (Level 3 Fighting Man )
Captain of Ostlen's guard, Ellen is a descendent of the mercenary that helped to free Cadoren from Imperial rule. Just, she will not turn a blind eye to Ostlen's problems, but she tries to see that each individual to pass through her keep receives a fair hearing.

Olm Eisley (Noble)
Current head councilman of Ostlen, Olm is a relative newcomer to Ostlen. Arriving some twenty years ago in a small merchant ship, Olm set to work solidifying the merchants of Ostlen as a single, powerful guild. Olm's purse runs deep, and it is murmured that it is oiled with the blood of those he could not buy.

"Jitters" (Level 2 Thief)
The undisputed queen of spies, Jitters is a middle aged woman, addled by the poisons she uses to doctor her knives. Based in Shoretown, Jitters has eyes throughout Ostlen, some claiming even in the Guard itself.

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