Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blueholme Campaign Framework: Cadoren

I like Blueholme, I like it quite a bit, enough-so to constantly tinker and homebrew for it as previous entries have shown.  These entries all exist in a relative vacuum, though, so I thought I'd put together a setting, or mini-setting, to let the better bits thrive. Wisely choosing to start small, I present the diminutive island-nation of Cadoren.(Click through for full sized map.) One bustling city, two proper dungeons, and a rough half-dozen other adventuring sites promises a decent sandbox to keep players' interest, at least for a while. Bit of fluff after the jump.

Long ago, Cadoren was a prison, a dumping ground for enemies (real or imagined) to the three-fold crowns of the Old Empire. At the height of the Empire's paranoia, shiploads of exiles were processed through Fort Ostlen (01.04) on a weekly basis before being shuttled to the mainland to work in the Silverspur Mines (04.13) to fish the large lake at the foot of the Drakespine Mountains and farm the land that all might survive. Finally, in the 764th year of the Old Empire's dominion, the prisoners rebelled.  Seizing Ostlen, the prisoners claimed Cadoren for their own, no longer a prison, but a new land, a free land. In the year 765, the Lords of the Old Empire responded with force. Thus the Five Years War began, a war that stained the Skymirror Sea red with Imperial and Cadoren blood alike.  At last, in the dawn of the 77th decade of Imperial rule, Sylvia Foxhair and her mercenary crew turned the tide in the Cadorens' favor. Through a combination of magic and quick sailing, Foxhair shattered the Imperial Warfleet, sending three hundred of the Empire's best to their graves. Unwilling to commit more men in the face of growing threats on other fronts, the Empire withdrew. Cadoren was free. Ostlen, once a military outpost, is now a thriving city. On the mainland, the most successful fishing village has established its hold, and on the eastern shore several keeps stand guard, ever ready to repel Cadoren's foes.

So there you have it, the basic fluff for Cadoren. More info coming soon,  but for now, a few places of interest (though by no means a comprehensive list).

Ostlen (01.04)
The Cerulean Gaol (01.19)
Prison-Tomb of Korrin Landwaster (14.04)
Korrin's Curse (16.08 and surrounding hexes)
Jorl's Eyrie (06.19)
The Fishing Village of Dwyn (08.12) 

These and others will be detailed as time goes on. Eventually, I'd like to collect all the info on Cadoren, and the rest of the world if I ever create it, into a setting atlas.

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