Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Prentice's Aspiration: Ecomancer


Prime Requisite: Wisdom
Hit Dice: 1D4
Restrictions: Ecomancers can wear cloth or eelhide (Leather) armor. They can wield Daggers, dart guns, and dreamlizard pistols.

Spells: Ecomancers tap into the life force of Mer itself, channeling that energy to amazing effect. Such power comes at a cost, however. Ecomancers begin play with a pool of Ecomantic Energy equal to their Constitution score. At every level thereafter, the pool increases by 1d4 points. When casting a spell, the Ecomancer rolls to determine the drain on their ecomantic pool. Any costi n excess of the pool's total results in direct hit point damage.

Due to the destruction of the Ecomantic College of Andorus, those born with Ecomantic gifts express their gifts in unusual ways.  At first level, an Ecomancer knows 1d6 spells, rolled on the table below. At each level thereafter, the Ecomancer must seek out lost lore or other Ecomancers to expand their repertoire.


1-2           Spells Costing 1d4 Ecomantic Energy

  1.     Charm Person
  2.     Cure Light Wounds
  3.     Dancing Lights
  4.     Daze
  5.     Detect Magic 
  6.     Detect Poison
  7.     Know Direction
  8.     Light
  9.     Magic Missile
  10.     Mending
  11.     Purify Food and Drink
  12.     Sleep

3.           Spells Costing 1d6 Ecomantic Energy

  1.     Detect Invisibility
  2.     Detect Thoughts
  3.     Invisibility
  4.     Knock
  5.     Levitate
  6.     Locate Object
  7.     Magic Mouth
  8.     Mirror Image
  9.     Phantasmal Force
  10.     Pyrotechnics
  11.     Speak with Animals
  12.     Web

4.           Spells Costing 1d8 Ecomantic Energy

  1.     Clairaudience
  2.     Clairvoyance
  3.     Cure (Cause Disease)
  4.     Darkvision
  5.     Haste
  6.     Hold Person,
  7.     Lightning Bolt,
  8.     Slow,
  9.     Suggestion,
  10.     Water Breathing

5.           Spells Costing1d12 Ecomantic Energy

  1.     Charm Monster
  2.     Confusion
  3.     Cure (Cause Wounds)
  4.     Fear
  5.     Hallucinatory Terrain
  6.     Ice Storm
  7.     Massmorph
  8.     Plant Growth
  9.     Speak with Plants
  10.     Wall of Fire
  11.     Wall of Ice
  12.     Wizard Eye

6.           Spells Costing 1d20 Ecomantic Energy

  1.     Animal Growth
  2.     Cloudkill
  3.     Control Weather
  4.     Hold Monster
  5.     Magic Jar
  6.     Move Earth
  7.     Move Water
  8.     Passwall
  9.     Project Image
  10.     Rock to Mud
  11.     Telekinesis
  12.     Wall of Stone

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