Saturday, August 9, 2014

Things Found in the Grand Bazaar

I like random tables. They’re great for sparking the imagination, and they’re good for when a body is feeling lazy. Having had trouble lately with my solo Scarlet Heroes game, I came to the realization that I know too little about the setting I knocked together.  To help fill those gaps, I’ve decided to knock together the following random table.  While I’m no Dungeon Dozen, I hope folks enjoy.

1d6 Things Found in the Grand Bazaar

1    A Shou-blooded urchin pickpocketing random targets.
2    1d4 Tchul debating self-awareness, and whether it is truly possible. *
   A Ghoul, the necrophage skulking along on some errand or another.
4    A brawl breaks out in the marketplace!
5    A vendor of strange wares. What’s that moving under its hood?
6    The spellbook of an apprentice magi of the Celestial Path. Contains complete
      notes on one constellation (and several crude drawings of his instructors, hopefully his magical 
      prowess is greater than his artistic ability).
*A lone Tchul will debate with itself, while any number will attempt to engage others in debate.

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