Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Scarlet Horde: Tchul

"I know nothing!"
"But how do you know that you know nothing?"
-- Debate overheard in the Grand Bazaar

The Azure-skinned Tchul are philosophers of the highest order, wandering the many worlds that crisscross the planes in search of the ultimate truth. What this truth is, no two Tchul can agree. To this day, such a fact has not stopped their ceaseless hunger.

The azure skinned Tchul are mostly human in appearance, the hue of their hides and heads with sweep back, ending in a conical point. Most of their days are spent in debate with other learned men and women (willing or otherwise) and what is true.

No closer to their answer than the day the first Tchul set out on a quest of discovery, the Tchul have learned one thing: What is not truth. As such, they receive a bonus point in the "Truthseeker" trait, all Tchul being learned in the discerning of lies, piercing illusions, and by happy coincidence, discovering secret portals.

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