Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Scarlet Horde: Bearfolk

More goodies for Scarlet Heroes! Will one show up in my solo game? Only time will tell!


 "Five day march on a loaf of bread
The last of winter's fat we shed
Blades bright shining in the sun
We war until our duty's done"
-- Bearfolk marching song

The origin of the Bearfolk is a mystery to all, even the ursine warriors themselves. Never questioning their existence, the Bearfolk roam the world, selling their skills as mercenaries. Each fall, those Bearfolk not engaged in war gather together for a great feast and telling of tales, before settling into small, secluded communities to weather the colder months.

Bearfolk, much like humans, may be any class. In addition, they receive the following traits and benefits:

Trait Points: Bearfolk receive a single point in the trait "Ursine Senses", used to sniff out friend or foe, find a trail, or decide if the jam has gone off.

Southpaw: Fantastically strong, even a lazy swat from a Bearfolk can stun a stout man. When the full force of their strength is put into a swing, a Bearfolk's unarmed attacked do 1d6 damage.