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The Devil's Armory: Diablo II Style Weapons

I collect an odd range of RPG products. If something catches my eye, I'll pick it up even if I don't have the proper system. One thing I acquired early in my gaming career is a copy of Diablo II: The Awakening. This sourcebook/adventure module, for the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, included kits based on the classes from the Diablo II PC game, along with spells, monsters, and an adventure to whip the tar out of the titular antagonist himself.

Most importantly, however, a series of tables to generate gear after the fashion of Diablo II's random items was included. Prefixes and Suffixes are stacked with various types of gear to generate artifats obscene or profound While you can still find an HTML version of the generator over this way, I thought it'd be fun to roll up a few items and convert them over to my current fascination, Scarlet Heroes. Ready? Read on after the break!

Alright, first and foremost, I'm going to assume this is treasure found on level 1 of a dungeon. Something relatively mundane, with the odd chance of shenanigans.

To start, we'll roll 1d20 plus the dungeon's level to determine what dice to roll on the "Base Item" table, and whether the item will bear a prefix, suffix, or both!

17: "Roll D100 on the Base Item Table and then roll any stated prefix roll"  Alright, a respectable first roll, now let's see what sort of goody we'll be Diablerizing up!

85: An Inscribed Spell. Roll 1D20+ Dungeon Level, Suffix only. Well, that's a bit of a disappointment, but still, let's see what we get... 14, a scroll.  Somewhat disappointing, but since we're already here, let's see what it's a scroll of. Using only the spells from this book, I get... A Scroll of Poison Arrow (A touch range spell that grants a single arrow extra poison damage.).

Decent loot for the first level of a dungeon. Now let's get a little crazier. You're five levels down, you've just killed the critter in charge of that floor and in looting his underwear drawer, you find something (potentially) shiny. Let's see what it is!

25: Roll D100 on the Base Item table, then roll Prefix and Suffix as indicated. (The dice like me better this time)

80: Gems (1d20+Dungeon Level to determine type; d40+30 for Prefix and Suffix.)

Not bad, and definitely a Diablo feel to it, so, what kind of gem do we find? A roll of the dice and...

24: A Flawless Jewel. Roll 1d6 to determine the type, which gives us... A flawless Topaz!

Now, for prefix and suffix, we'll roll that D40+30, which gets us... 50 and 67, respectively.

Prefix: Capricious, roll on the prefixes table again, using a D100 this time (oh dear). Rollin' dem bones!
     New Prefix: Improves Armor class. (D20 + Level). A one, really? Oh well.
     Valiant: +2 AC Bonus (+3 against missiles). Ignore my aforementioned whining. And now to see what the suffix gives us...

Suffix: Improves light sources, roll D20+level (okay.)
     Of the Sun: Any lightsource carried by the user extends its radius +30'

So in the knicker drawer of Thing the Terrible, one finds a Valiant, Flawless Topaz of the Sun. Most likely pinned to his favorite pair of boxers.

Better not to think about it.

Right then, a bit of tinkering to bring them more in line, and I present two pieces of treasure straight out of Diablo's closet!

Least Scroll of the Poison Arrow
Scribed in an acrid smelling ink upon the hide of some swamp-dwelling viper, the Scroll of the Poison arrow imparts a pair of arrows with lethal venom. 

Ammunition under the effect of the spell trails green vapors to mark its path. Upon a successful blow the arrow bites deep, inflicting an additional 1d6 poison damage and destroying the arrow in the process. Once used (or inscribed into an industrious Magic User's spell book), the hide-scroll stiffens and crumbles, destroying the spell. Rumors exist of variant inscriptions of the Poison Arrow spell, allowing a greater number of shafts to be enchanted.

The Valiant Sun
A flawless topaz set into a hammered coronium fitting. When affixed to a cloak or some other cloth, the Valiant Sun grants strength in dark places.

The bearer of the Valiant Sun knows security, even in the depths of the earth. This potent artifact strengthens the wielder's defenses, imparting a +2 bonus to the wearer's AC. This bonus increases to +3 against missile attacks. In addition, all lanterns, torches etc. born by the wielder of the Valiant Sun increase their range of illumination by 30'. A double edged sword, for while the wearer of the pin can see a greater distance, so too is he more easily detected by those things which lurk in the deep.

So there you have it. The system is fun, and promises more than a million (exclamation point) unique items. While I'm not sure about that, I do know I'll be using these tables on occasion to spruce up the campaign I'm running for my nephew.

Does anyone else have experience with this product? If so, what were some of your favorite items that you generated?

If not, what's your favorite magic item generator?

Chime in, friends and beloved readers!

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