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Spell Garden of the Verdant Manse

     I'm currently in the process of tidying up a module written to help my nephew GM Scarlet Heroes. At the moment, I'm refining and expanding one of the key areas of the module, a mystic garden that served as retreat, laboratory, and spell book. Though I'd share that bit with you, gentle readers. And as always, critiques and criticisms, as well as suggestions, are welcomed.

Area 05: Spell Garden

     Exotic blooms and heady blossoms decorate the spell garden. The artfully arranged eds are not merely for pleasing the ye, however.  Any spell caster deciphering the layout, scent and organization of the flower beds can, after a wandering sojourn, discern 1d6 random spells from those presented in the Magic User spell list from the Scarlet Heroes rulebook.

     Further research, under the tutelage of the Green Mage himself (or using notes retrieved from area 04f: The Study) will reveal one of the following randomly rolled secrets:

1D3 Secrets of the Spell Garden
  1. New Spells
  2. Enchanted Fruit
  3. Construction of Plantwrought Items

1.)     New Spells

Level 1    Donning the Chameleon's Humble Mantle   
Duration: 5 minutes/level      Range: Touch

     The Chameleon's robes are unassuming, allowing it to pass unnoticed throughout its domain. The flesh and garb of the spell caster or target to blend into the background. While movement renders the mantle ineffective, a stationary individual receives a +2 bonus to avoiding a searcher's notice.

Level 3    Damson Mists of the Bacchanal
Duration: Instant      Range: 100'

     Cloying, wine-hued mists are conjured forth by this spell, affecting an area within 100' of the caster some 20' diameter. Those caught in the mists must pass a successful saving throw of difficulty 10 or suffer a -1 to all rolls for 1d6 rounds, drunk on the delirium inducing mists.

Level 2    Golden Physician's Healing Touch
Duration: Instant      Range: Touch

     With buzzing tongue and dancing fingers the magic user enchants a dram of wild bee's honey, converting it to an ointment that will heal any wound it touches. With this spell, the target heals 2 hit point per level of the magic user casting the spell.

Level 1     Stallion's Feast
Duration: Instant      Range: Special

     Per casting, the magic user conjures up a blend of wholesome grains, enough to feed a horse for a single day. Feedbag not included.

2.)     Enchanted Fruit
     The enchanted fruit of the Spell Garden are strange and fabled things. Golden-skinned apples, bunches of grapes the height of a tall man, nameless wonders with tangy meat and heady juice. Consumption of a single fruit will allow the consumer to cast one random spell selected from either the Cleric or Magic User Spell list once per day. Each additional fruit  to a maximum of four consumed grants an additional ability (or, by fortune, a second use of an already established spell should it be rolled). However, with the first fruit's consumption, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the magic of the fruit will react with the consumer's body, resulting in a random mutation (see below). This chance increases by 1 with each fruit consumed thereafter, ultimately resulting in each fruit inducing another painful change.

3.)     Plantwrought Gear

Armor of the Hungry Folk

     Crafted from the leathery caps of the Hungry Folk (stats forthcoming), this strange armor is treated as AC 4 when donned. Due to the resilient, absorbent caps the armor is constructed from, blunt trauma (such as that inflicted by falling, cudgels, etc) is halved.

     For all its use, the Armor of the Hungry Folk comes at a cost: the armor extrudes hairlike cilia, bonding with the wearer after a week's wear. From this point on the two are intertwined, the armor taking nourishment from its host, to continue granting its abilities. Separation of host and armor inflicts a -2 penalty to Hit Point total, which may only be recovered after several days rest. There is a 1 in 10 chance that some bits of cilia remain from the separation, allowing the armor to regrow.

Construction: Requires a number of Hungry Folk and various herbs costing 7,000 Gold Pieces And a month's careful care and cultivation.

Hearthwood Staff 

      A flowering staff rigid and stout (treat as a two handed weapon), the Hearthwood Staff provides shelter in times of need. From the many small branches at the head of the staff, small blue and red berries blossom. These berries are enough to sustain a man for a day, their bounty regrowing with each dawn.  Additionally, the staff may be planted in a clear area measuring 12 feet in diameter. Within minutes, the staff will take root and grow,  creating a secure shelter large enough to sleep two people in relative comfort. While no amenities such as furniture or meal are provided, the shelter will resist the elements, providing safe haven for three days before withering and sprouting a tender sapling that will, within a week, grow into a fresh Hearthwood Staff

Construction: Use the guidelines in Scarlet Heroes, my nephew. Guesstimate until you're happy(must fix this part)

1d8 Magical Mutations
01     The individual develops scaley, barklike skin (Natural AC as scale armor, cannot wear normal armor, loses sense of touch. 1-in-6 chance of termites setting up shop)
02     The individual's hair is replaced with plant matter: (1-2: Autumn leaves, 3: Moss, 4-5: Ivy, 6: Bamboo Shoots)
03     Fingers become thorny claws. Unarmed attacks become light weapons. Good for knitting.
04     Attractive to honey bees. Gain a hive that produces delicious honey, protective swarm.
05     Hallucinogenic spores (Save vs Poison or everyone, including individual loses their actions for 1d4 turns).
09     The individual's limbs are replaced with vine-like creepers. Reduce carrying weight by 20lb     
07     Cacophonous, Mango scented flatulence for the rest of their days.
08     The individual puts down roots, their adventuring life is over as they begin to sprout enchanted fruit of their own.

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  1. Wow, this is wonderful! I love the idea of a mystic garden full of secrets and enchantments. It reminds me of the garden in Hawthorne's short story 'Rappaccini's Daughter'.

    I'm sure it was very helpful to you nephew!