Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SWN Campaign Highlights

I'll be going back through later and formatting all my logs from the campaign into an easily read structure. But here's some highlights from sessions held recently.

A large machine that was pumping out energy was acquired, and during an unfortunate trip through psi-space, opened to reveal a hitchhiker in the form of a lost species. A powerful psychic, her attacks on the crew ended when Soo-Kyung brain-fu'd her into playing nice.

Our little freighter was sold through Fat Frank, an associate of Soo's, and through a series of shenanigans, we ended up stealing a ship from the Outcast faction, not really a smart move, but then, as events have shown, we don't typically think things through nearly enough..

Getting the ship fixed, the party discovered a rather daunting fact. The ship has an AI on board, something highly illegal in the galaxy.

Our choice of action? Becoming errand-folk. Two girls and a bird,  getting your chores done in record time!

I've got to admit, I'm really loving SWN as a sandbox game. It handles our antics well, and the GM is doing a great job of making things feel alive and vibrant.

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