Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to Basics: Basic Fantasy!

Thanks to Erik Tenkar, Basic Fantasy will be getting some love today! While others can better describe the nifty little game, I thought I'd offer up a race from my upcoming Atlantis campaign setting! So without further ado, the Mer. (No, I never claimed to be creative...)

Description: Diminutive humanoids with webbed fingers and toes, male Mer stand roughly three and a half feet tall, while the females are slightly shorter. Their skin is gray, and their eyes are large, black oval. All Mer sport striped tentacles in place of hair.
Restrictions: Mer may become Thieves or Fighters. They must have a minimum dexterity of 9, and due to their small stature may not have a strength score exceeding 17.
Special Abilities: Mer are equally at home on land or in the water. They are capable of breathing water, and thus never risk drowning. Additionally, Mer have excellent vision, allowing them to 60 feet in darkness.
Saving Throw: Because their diets consist of strange, often toxic fish, Mer save at +2 vs. Poison.

So there you have it! Additionally, check out my previous post (located here) for another bit of homebrew to fill your game with.

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