Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Cookbook of Cora Underbough

Something easy to get back into the swing of blogging, and before I forget, Happy Holidays! (as belated as it is...)

Inspired by a post over at Grymvald Gazetteer, I decided to borrow a bit of reality to spice up my fancy. The end result is below. I hope you like it.

 The Cookbook of Cora Underbough is a thick, worn tome, whose flyleaf declares it to be the possession of one Cora Underbough. In faded ink, almost illegible from a heavy scraping, another name is present. Contained within the similarly scraped and flour-stained, bleached pages of the book, a variety of recipes are laid out with all the care and precision of a wizard’s spell book. 

However, remnants of the book’s previous purpose remain in faint illustrations and tightly printed paragraphs. 

At some point, the book served as the journal of a half-elf sage, who used it to chronicle the strange flora and fauna of his journeys.  The story of the book does not end there, however.  When first starting his studies, the sage was in need of binding materials to fortify his journal and ensure its longevity. It was his fortune that the remnants of an unfortunate adventurer-wizard’s spell book came into the possession of the village bookbinder.   A thorough study of the cookbook will reveal, to those of arcane knowledge that remnants of the spell book remain. Careful dissection of the spell book will provide enough material for an industrious magic user to transcribe  Sleep, Knock, and Crystal Ball. After dissection, the cookbook will need be reassembled in some fashion, whether as a portfolio, or rebound as a proper book.

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