Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

(Right then, Finals Month is over, after that horrid monkeywrench in the gears, I can get back to blogging. Let's find out what's happened to our heroes in the SWN game so far!...)

As I mentioned last time, Soo-Kyung the rogue psychic, and Annalise the little assassin that could, opted to hijack a ship and make their way off planet. To do so, they made the decision to steal a grav-car to make the trip quicker. 

Unfortunately, their luck held, and en route they encountered a police cruiser, the occupants thereof recognizing our heroines and opening fire. just like crooked cops always do.  A few lucky rolls saved the day, however, and Anna's skilled driving left the coppers in the dust.  Arriving at the spaceport,  another tense scene occurred when we spotted scanner drones,  the equivalent to drug dogs in the modern world. Choosing a likely looking freighter, we laid siege, kidnapping the newest addition to our party, an avian  alien named M'xoni!  As could be expected, M'xoni was more than happy to be hired on as part of Solar System's Most Wanted, and away they went, Soo plopping them down in an uncharted system thanks to the psionically powered FTL drive. Unfortunately, a hitchhiker was acquired in the form of a rather large rock lodged into the side of the ship

 Given the choice between a desert and a mudball, the mudball was chosen. A decision that would lead to quite a bit of running away, once it was discovered that the swamp world was inhabited by some form of plant zombie.  From there, their adventures took them to the desert and beyond, but that's a story for another time.

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