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Stars Without Number: Session One - In Which Annalise Encounters Terrible Rolls.

Ah, Stars Without Number. A lovely little RPG that I've fallen deeply in love with. Surprisingly, I've fallen into the Gaming Seat for a change, playing in a campaign that a friend is running. The setting strays from the one provided by SWN, and reminds me of Cowboy Bebop, The Foundation and Firefly all rolled into one, with dashes of Babylon 5 and other assorted goodies, to taste. Relatively short, the first session showed my character, a Rogue Psychic by the name of Soo-Kyung and Annalise (A  Warrior played by my friend MisterGMSir),  locked up for unfair minor infractions.

Before the Corporation Police (one of the resident big bads. Think Shadowrun-esque Megacorps) could liberate the characters from their cell, a group of rebel soldiers kindly drove through the wall, giving  our heroines a chance to escape. This is the first time I've played a psychic, and I kicked things off right, by using Teleportation to safely make Soo-Kyung's way to an office below. A bit of exploration, and under the ominous risk of "Incindiary Protocols", our characters fled.  What followed was a hilarious battle of bad rolls, one that was well suited to having Yakkety Sax as its theme.  Posted at the end of the blog is a portion of the fight. Thanks to a benevolent GM, after several horribly botched misrolls on our part, the Rebel soldier bled out, allowing us to flee.

A jaunt to a local dive, only to find that we'd been unfairly labeled as the masterminds behind the rebel attack simply for fleeing the prison, left Anna and Soo with the brilliant plan to hijack a space ship.  Will they succeed? We'll find out next week!

Thoughts so far? Well, I enjoy SWN, that goes without saying. Combat is relatively quick (Unless you're a pair of level 1 characters going up against NPCs with Armor Class 5), and the game itself is fun. I look forward to more shenanigans in the GM's universe,  and will be certain to share them as they happen.  Tune in later this week when I post about the tiny psychic with the foul mouth, Soo-Kyung.

* Annalise nods towards the one on the right, and draws her monoblade... intent on putting it through the back of the one on the left, directed towards important internal organs!
* Soo-Kyung aims to break the one on the right's back, then. Red Dawn style.
<Kaisen> ((make yer assorted rolls, ladies))
<Annalise> 1d20+1
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+1) for Annalise: 6.
<Soo-Kyung> 1d20
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20) for Soo-Kyung: 3.
<Annalise> ((I don't know his AC))
<Soo-Kyung> ((Leaguebot hates me))
<Kaisen> ((+5))
<Annalise> ((Even if it was 9, I'd failbot. Ugh.))
<Soo-Kyung> ((And thus our glorious career begins!))
<Kaisen> ((rofl))
* Kaisen : Well, Anna attempts to shank... but, the monoblade doesn't *quite* go through the armor. Soo hits the other guy, but his armor keeps his spine from bending in the desired format.
* Kaisen : And so, combat begins! These guys have AC 5. Roll your init.
<Soo-Kyung> 1d8+2
* Leaguebot rolls (1d8+2) for Soo-Kyung: 10.
* Kaisen rolls for bad guys.
<Kaisen> 1d8
* Leaguebot rolls (1d8) for Kaisen: 3.
<Annalise> 1d8+1
* Leaguebot rolls (1d8+1) for Annalise: 4.
* Annalise is AC 6 for reference
<Soo-Kyung> ((AC 5))
* Kaisen : Mkay, so we'll go highest to low, so Soo, Anna, Bad Guys.
<Soo-Kyung> Punchan again, using the proper bonus this time since I'm a derp
<Soo-Kyung> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Soo-Kyung: 24.
<Soo-Kyung> ((+1 for Red Dawn))
<Soo-Kyung> 1d6+1
* Leaguebot rolls (1d6+1) for Soo-Kyung: 6.
<Soo-Kyung> ((unf)
 * Kaisen : Well. Uh. Soo successfully smacks the guy around so much that there's a muffled, wet, cruncy sound... and, by the time she's finished with him, odd, spike like protrusions sticking out of his chest, arms, and legs, and his helmet (and head), are very soft and very squishy.
* Kaisen : Anna.
* Annalise will swing her grip around with her short, straight blade, and swings it at the guy's neck.
<Annalise> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Annalise: 16.
* Kaisen : That one's a miss... and so, bad guy takes his turn.
* Kaisen : He brings up his shotgun, annnnd, takes a shot at Anna...
<Kaisen> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Kaisen: 7.
<Soo-Kyung> Spinning in place, Soo kicks baddie numero dos
<Soo-Kyung> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Soo-Kyung: 16.
<Soo-Kyung> ((aaaand, slips on entrails))
<Annalise> ((rofl))
* Annalise keeps the momentum from her backhanded blade swing, twisting her whole body around, and will plant her foot firmly in the guy's solar plexis. ((Ghost Walker Style))
* Kaisen : Soo aims a little too high, and misses. Anna, you're up.
<Annalise> 1d20+7
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+7) for Annalise: 16.
<Annalise> ((what. the f**k. is that.))
<Annalise> ((Sixteen three times in a row? Seriously. SRSLY!?))
<Kaisen> ((lol))

* Soo-Kyung attempts to successfully perforate a section of rebel
<Soo-Kyung> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Soo-Kyung: 11.
<Soo-Kyung> ((more entrails!))
* Annalise just grabs the neckguard of his armor and headbutts him. I don't even care now.
<Annalise> 1d20+7
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+7) for Annalise: 15.
* Kaisen : Bad guy takes another shot...
<Kaisen> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Kaisen: 24.
<Kaisen> 3d4
* Leaguebot rolls (3d4) for Kaisen: 6.
* Kaisen : Blam! Anna takes a buttload of pellets.
* Annalise inserts long knife into warm body.
<Annalise> 1d20+6
* Kaisen : Soo, you're up.
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Annalise: 14.
<Soo-Kyung> ((Silly Anna))
<Annalise> ((Oh, sorry. Forget me.))
<Soo-Kyung> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Soo-Kyung: 17.
<Soo-Kyung> ((nope!))
<Kaisen> ((okay.. now it's your turn. :p))
<Annalise> ((Okay, NOW I'll try killing him with stabby mc stabs alot))
<Annalise> 1d20+6
* Leaguebot rolls (1d20+6) for Annalise: 9.
* Soo-Kyung ((dies and is ded))
* Kaisen : Y'know what.. lets just say he bleeds out at this point and dies. >.>
<Soo-Kyung> ((Woo!))

Truly... we are the stuff of legends.

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