Friday, August 10, 2012

Post Apoc Sci-Fantasy musings.

"...Warriors here could have been inheritors of ancient ritual traditions so they are genetically engineered, trained to the apex of human potential (think Dune's superhumans), users of gene-coded, evolving relic weapons and/or had potential-expanding machinery integrated into their body. 'Rogues' could have been scholar-cum-archaeologists, studying the ruins of previous civilizations for what they are actively trying to understand the numenera and attempting to piece together their own crude, but innovative, machines. Wizards could have been a select group guarding passed down activation words for the common types of numenera, or those still biologically similar enough to the humans of the ancient empires that the various nanomachines floating around everywhere still respond to their commands."

The above comes from a post on a popular message board concerning Monte Cook's newest project, Numenera. Unfortunately, the user's ideas skip beyond what Cook presents, which means I have little interest in the end product. I do however, have copies of Other Dust and the Stars Without Number core rulebook.  I might see what I can knock together...

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