Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dreams of Talslanta: 1-2 Gatekeeper

Too drained last week to run, so I allowed the players a respite, to RP with the newest member of the party, a Rogue Magician named Calithen. This week, the four-strong fellowship ascended the stair. Halfway up, they encountered a trio of mechanical giants.

A tense stand-off occurred and thanks to Cypreana and Calithen, the guardians were turned aside.

Cresting the stairs, the party came face to face with a walled structure, the gate of which had collapsed from age. A further discovery showed that the group was, in fact, standing on a floating island.  

Some outside events forced me to pause the game there, but the party as a whole seemed satisfied. There was good roleplaying, clever use of magic, and though the mechanics are still being puzzled out, I feel that the game is going well.

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