Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pocket Provinces #1

Since its inception, I've been a subscriber to Mythoard. April's box, to my delight, included an A7 hex paper notebook. I've been wanting to improve my mapping abilities anyway, so I'm going to be carrying this little book around with me, doodling maps on each page. The purpose, aside from getting better at cartography, is to supply micro-settings, areas of interest that can be dropped into a game or farmed for inspiration, you'll find the first after the jump!

Pocket Province #1

  1. The Village of 'Omley-on-the-Banks. A dwindling holding, 'Omley makes its living from bits of amber-rich wood that float down the river from Area 2) The Forest Lethe.
  2. The Forest Lethe. Once part of the Worldwood, this ancient fragment sleeps, and in its slumber dreams fitfully. Its paths always peculiar, they have lain all but impassable since the death of the half-breed woodsman Arlen some 50 years past. 
  3. The Ruins of Gormley Keep. Once an outpost of the king's watch,  time and neglect have left the tower broken, jutting like a shattered tooth.
  4. The Old Road. With passage through the wood no longer safe, the Old Road lies unused. Still, the forest dreams of days when a bright army passed along the way, and on certain nights the army marches once more.
Expect an expanded version sometime next week.


  1. I want to game here so haaaard.

  2. Did you ever add to this? I like where you going with it so far :)