Monday, March 30, 2015

In which Dan made stuff up, and everyone got seduced by a snake.

This weekend passed, I had the luxury of visiting a cabin with some friends and new acquaintances. Part of the festivities was a request to play Dungeons and Dragons. while two of the newcomers had never played the game before, the others were familiar with 3rd edition D&D. Not my favorite edition, but playing the game is more important than waving my edition banner.

The adventure was run with no prep other than looking at the lake and a picture of a boat for inspiration. 

What followed was nothing that memorable, a boat-crawl that culminated in a battle with a serpent demon from the Frozen Hells. The guys had a blast with the snake, so I thought I'd share it here. Stats are somewhere between 3.5 D&D and an OSR block, so take of it what you will.

The Frozen God:

Move - 50
Attacks: Bite (1d6 cold damage + Save vs Poison (paralysis)

The Frozen God fights through domination, saving its bite for a last resort. Choosing the strongest looking foe, the serpent offers all other targets promises of power, plucking their heart's desire and framing it in a seductive air. They will have their wishes, if only they slay the Frozen God's intended victim.

The Frozen God's flesh is bitterly cold. Sucessful melee attacks inflict 1 point of subdual damage, and impart a chill that never quite leaves the character.

Finally, the Frozen God's  flesh is scribed with writhing  patterns of infernal runes, offering it a shield against spells arcane and divine. There is a 20% chance that the spell will backfire, resulting in a roll on the minor corruption table from DCC.

Not bad for a Level 1 mini-dungeon end boss, aye?

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