Thursday, January 8, 2015

Breachworld: The Walkers.

First draft of an alien race for Breachworld. Need to get these to the table and actually test them.



Attribute Dice:  12D
Skill Dice:            6D

Might:             1D/3D
Agility:            2D/4D
Wit:                 2D/4D
Charm:           3D/4D

Move: 15

Racial Feat: Ghostwalk
Racial Complications: None

Native to a world mountainous and thickly forested, the Walkers as they’ve come to be known, are a tall, willow race of humanoids. A mottled gray-brown, their skin is textured similarly to the stone faces of their mountain homes. In lieu of hair, the Walkers sport a bristly mane, each thin spine serving as part of the aliens’ auditory system. Their Y slitted noses and flat, silvery eyes call back to earthly depictions of extraterrestrial visitors.
Walkers are universally attuned to the Aether, capable of phasing out of sync with the physical realm. This ability can be learned by studious epics who gain the trust of the reclusive aliens, and is described below.

On earth, the Walkers make use of this ability to avoid confrontation, and to access their otherwise hidden villages. Fond of tobacco of all sorts, the Walkers are inveterate pipe smokers, seemingly suffering no ill effects from the consumption of tobacco. A social habit among their kind, each Walker village sports a central smoke hall. Many myths and ghost stories surround the deep woods of the Hinterlands. Most unwittingly bear a Walker at their source.

Other Names: Ghosts, Quiet Folk.

Matter Manipulation Feat

TN:  Still/Moving    15(25)/20(30)
Duration: Concentration
Range: Self
Resisted: None

The Walker or Epic making use of this feat shift their bodies into a place somewhere between the Aether and physical realms. In doing so, they become hazy and translucent. For the duration of the Feat’s use, the user is immune to all physical interaction, including attacks. They may pass through material of any thickness, but are incapable of interacting with the physical world.  The effect extends to gear worn by the user, though several working in concert are required to affect vehicles, non-trained individuals, etc. The number in parenthesis is the suggested TN for non Walker characters making use of the Ghostwalk feat.

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