Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mythoard and the Early Christmas

Ever had Christmas come early? I did! Shameless plugging ahead.

Erik Tenkar recently posted about the Mythoard, a geek-box specifically aimed at Tabletop stuff.  Being the gaming sort of scamp that I am, I signed up... And then promptly forgot that I did. Well, today my hoard arrived in the mail, and somewhat confused I opened it.  Let it be said that I love mythoard and you should buy many, many subscriptions.

My loot
So, what did I get? The picture says it all!  Of special note to me are the Stone Fields of Azoroth, a mini-setting done by Tim Shorts of GM Games, I've only skimmed it thus far, but it looks like a nice little spot to plug in to a campaign, and I will most likely be subjecting my nephews to it shortly.  Next? The Mushroom King postcard from Jim Magnusson's Lost Monster Manual project. Awesome art for the cost of a coffee and donut? Yes please! 

Then there's the Blue Dungeon Tiles from Red Kobold Games.  While I missed the first generation of the 'classic blue' maps found in modules, I love me some tiles and greeblies, so I'll most likely be picking up the starter set.

Rounding out the hoard is a great little poster from the Baby Bestiary. Who knew Phoenix Chicks were so adorable? Finally, some dice (I think I'll be adding that D20 to my nephew's 'My First D&D Box Set'), and a Dungeon World pamphlet. Since I don't play Dungeon World, that'll probably get added to a giveaway box or something. Who knows?!

So, is the Mythoard worth it? Get out your wallets. Go. Go now. Buy. The spirit of Christmas demands it!

EDIT: Just found out that one of Dyson Logos' Maps is on the back of the newsletter. Shame on me!

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