Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Scarlet Horde: Lokpa

Dusting off Ye Olde Blog. I haven't been playing RPGs at all lately, and have been thinking about them less.  So here's something I've been tinkering on for the wonderful Scarlet Heroes RPG.


Flesh and bone of earth and root, spirit born of a plea for safety, the Lokpa are a race of living constructs, formed when a village is threatened beyond its means of defense. Those unfortunate Lokpa unable to defend their village are set adrift, left to find their own purpose in the world.


In lieu of a bonus to a racial trait, Lokpa instead
begin play with the following bonuses and penalties-

Earthen Skin: The tangled masses of root and earth composing the Lokpa's body provide it a natural form of protection. Lokpa are treated as wearing leather armor at all times, and regular armor may not be worn. Through processes known by a select few wise men, fetishes may be inscribed into the Lokpa's body, granting it further defenses. Fetishes are equivalent to the
armors provided in the equipment section of Scarlet Heroes, and cost double the price of their mundane equivalents.

Boundless Guardian: Lokpa, due to their magical nature, do not eat, sleep, or breathe. While unable to drink or eat, Lokpa are able to enjoy the benefits of magical potions, absorbing the potent magical energies bound into the liquid. Immune to poison and disease, they are capable of soldiering on under the harshest conditions. Unfortunately, this resilience does not extend to flame. Against fire both mundane and magical, Lokpa suffer double damage.

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