Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Grimm Endeavour

I have fallen for the show Grimm, and fallen hard.  So for today's post, I'm translating a few elements of the series to the Blueholme Prentice ruleset!

The Grimm

Humans born with the strange ability to pierce the illusions of skinchangers, this race has taken a solemn vow to protect mankind from the beasts that would hunt them.

Class: Grimms may be any class, though they prefer Fighting Man.
Hit Die: All Grimms roll 6-sided dice for HP.
Grimm sight: Grimms will instinctively pierce the illusions of Wesen, Doppelgangers, and other shape shifters, seeing their true form on a roll of 1-2 on a six-sided dice.



A unique breed of shape shifter, Wesen are creatures that shift between human and bestial forms.

Class: Wesen may be any class.
Hit Die: All Wesen roll 6-sided dice for HP.
Woge: The transformation that allows Wesen to attain their bestial forms. A number of times per day equal to their character level, a Wesen may shift to their bestial form, gaining the respective bonuses for their species. This transformation lasts a number of rounds equal to the ones-digit of their constitution score (for example, a Wesen with CON 15 is capable of maintaining their bestial form for 5 rounds). Example species are listed below:

Bauerschwein: The Wesen's hair thickens, becoming bristly. Their features become porcine, with stubby tusks sprouting from their snout. In this form, the Bauerschwein's Save vs. Poison improves by two, and they gain the ability to track by scent.

Blutbad: The Wesen's teeth and nails sharpen, their features becoming more wolflike.  When in this form, the Wesen's speed doubles and they gain two claw attacks doing 1d3 damage each. These attacks may be used in the stead of the Wesen's normal melee attack.

Damonfeuer: The Wesen's skin thickens into scales, turning a ruddy red color while horns sprout from their brow. Daemonfeuer Wesen gain a breath attack with the following statistics: Fire Breath - Straight Line, Range 15 ft, damage 1d6+1 Fire. This attack two rounds between uses for the Damonfeuer to produce another burst of flame.

Mellifer: The Wesen's eyes bulge, becoming inky black while their mouth transforms into a bee's mouthpieces. These insect-form Wesen produce a dangerous venom that is secreted from their claws. On a successful attack, the Melifer inflict 1d4 + poison damage.

So there you have it, a pair of races, I might create more items as time and TV permit.

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