Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sky Divide Session 1 recap

No, I haven't abandoned Talislanta. Life's kept me busy, and you can expect a recap on Friday. I have, however, started a Savage Worlds game for a few friends. Read on for the events of the first session.

Play began with the crew's ship (The Great Fortune) coming upon an Imperial merchant vessel. Shots were traded, and after Elias, the ship's captain, nearly had his head taken off by a ballista bolt, the merchant trawler was boarded and looted, as is only appropriate.

Coming into possession of a Mage Chest (a magical lockbox used to transfer the most valuable things), the crew decided to fence their liberated goods and find someone to open the Chest. Sails were set for a local pirate lair known as The Hulk, and during dinner the ship's captain decided to deliver a Tragic interlude about his time in the Imperial navy.

Arriving at The Hulk,  the Great Fortune encountered the "demon ship" Spider's Caress. Isabella, the ship's first mate, suggested a takeover. Recognizing the size disparity between vessels, the decision to fence their goods and buy a bigger ship was made.

Haggling was done, and the session ended as the crew prepared to explore The Hulk in search of an arcane locksmith.

Not bad for three hours, especially considering both players were new to Savage Worlds (though one has several years' experience with Deadlands). Fun was had by all, and plunder will be had in the near future!

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