Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreamblade Boogie: The Tower of Faces

At the center of Nightmare, brooding over the corrupted realm, the Tower of Faces serves as home to the Lich-Kings. From the Tower they rule with an iron first, working their machinations deep within infernal workshops, sending out their dream-stuff minions to ensure Nightmare remains firmly under their sway. A towering spire some 120 feet tall, and its sullen gray walls, inside and out, are worked with the mad frescoes of tormented dreamers.the Tower is wrapped with the souls bound by the Lich-Kings. From the forlorn visages of these souls the Tower takes its name.

Presented below is the entry level to the Tower of Faces for those brave few willing to assault the sanctum and overthrow the Lich-Kings. But be warned, the stuff of Nightmare is nebulous, and no two journeys within the Tower will be the same...

The Tower of Faces: Level One
 (to be populated at the GM's discretion*)

*Because, y'know, the tower changes... not because the Puzzled Viking is lazy... Honest!

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